Saturday, 17 October 2015

Hydraulic Jack for the landing gear

The pictures below shows the rod and seals, and the hydraulic jack manufacturer label for the Anson landing gear. We are in the process of replacing these seals. It should be noted that the only original seal made of O-ring rubber material is the rod seal. The original top, bottom and inner seals are made of some form of nylon or hard rubber.  So far rubber O-ring type of material has been sourced for the upper seal, rod seal, and bottom seal. The inner seals which fits inside the threaded brass coupling and steal upper collar has not been sourced at this time.

Anyone that knows where the inner seals can be sourced please let us known. Thanks

Monday, 31 August 2015

Landing Lights

Landing lights are being restored from original pieces and a new light canopy is in the process of being formed.


The tip of the stabilizer was laminated by laying strips over copies of drawings.

Leading forms continue to be added to the leading edge of the stabilizer.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Avro Anson Mk II #7481 Restoration: Navigation Table

The progress on the navigation table has been updated.

Avro Anson Mk II #7481 Restoration: Navigation Table: General: The biggest challenge of the navigation table reconstruction is building the table to original specifications without the aid of ...

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Nose Cone

The nose cone is being stripped down.

More to come......


The cockpit is in the early phases of being restored.

Rudder peddles
The rudder peddles are being worked on. Smaller pieces for the rudder are being looked for from the many Anson frames we have. It is interesting that the pieces are all a little different making it challenge to use the original pieces that were used on #7481.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tail sections

The vertical stabilizer is well on it's way. 

The tail section started with original pieces and newer pieces are being added as required. The original pieces with green paint can be seen in the photo below.

The mounting brackets are currently being added as shown in the picture below.

Fuselage forms

The Bomber Command Anson team is currently working on the fuselage forms and stringers. 

Fuselage Stringers and forms
The forms are installed and the milled stringers are being installed. The stringers were milled from stika pine to provide a uniform straights look when the fuselage is covered. Notice that the stringers are cupped.

Upper stringer support
One intricate part required for the upper stringer installation is the tail stringer support piece. A mold is being constructed in order to fabricate the laminated upper stringer support.

More to come.....

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Navigation Table

The biggest challenge of the navigation table reconstruction is building the table to original specifications without the aid of the manufacture's drawings!

Based on photos from other reconstructed tables, a few original pieces salvaged from other Ansons, a Styrofoam mock up and creation of CAD drawings, the arrangement and dimensions of the navigation table was determined.

At the start, the outside dimension of the table was extrapolated from photos and then a Styrofoam mock up was built.

The Styrofoam mock up was handy to confirm the mounting and fit in the Anson. The forward starboard and port corners of the table determined by the mock up was critical in setting the dimension of the table. As well as the top rail of the door opening which will be discussed later. The dimensions of the hinged leaf in the down position was checked to ensure it would clear the forward wing strut. In the photo below, the leaf is shown on the right side in the down position.

The navigation table is under construction. The process being used is that a few nails and screws are being used to hold pieces in place. Once the entire table is completed the table will be taken a part. Each piece such as the sides, top, and bottom will be glued, nailed, and painted. Then each major piece will be assembled to complete the navigation table.

Navigation Table Door:
The current navigation door is being reworked to accommodate the recently found pieces of the original navigation door. 

The navigation door is completed using a few of the original pieces. Theses door used two types of latch's. The type shown which uses two front mounting screws and two top screws and mounted on the outside of the door. The other type of latch used four front mounting screws and sat flush with the door. skin. The cross braces uses two screws each to strength and brace the door. Hinges for the door are new because the originals could not be found.


More to come.......