Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Significant progress has been made on the control cables for the rudder, elevator, and trim controls. Shown below are the cables attached to rudder pedal mechanism which feeds the cables through pulleys on the underside of the plane.

The photo to the left shows the rudder cables being prepared for attachment of the rudder. The photo to the right show one of the control arms used for the elevator.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cockpit underside cover

Shown here is the frame that fits on the underside of the cockpit. The bulges shown where the clamps are make room for the the cockpit control linkages.

Photo shown of the cockpit underside where the cockpit underside cover has to accommodate.

Trailing edge skin removal from ribs 3 to 6

This week's restoration continued with the removal of the underside skin of the port side trailing edge. Shown below is the remaining skin between ribs 3 and 4. The upper and lower ribs will need to be scrafed when restoration begins on the building of ribs 1, 2, and 3.

The following photo identifies the fabric which provides strength on the edges. The fabric is removed so the skin can be removed. The skin is carefully removed and labeled by the rib location.

Two layers were removed from the holes for access. Rib 10A is the transition from the flaps on the left to the position of the ailerons on the right.

The paint on the skin shows three layers; sliver, then yellow, and then grey.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Trailing Edge

Work has started on the port side of the trailing edge of the main wing. We are in the process of removing the fabric and skin to determine what restoration is required on the various ribs and pieces. The following photo shows the entire length of the trailing edge.

Shown below is position of rib #4 and #5 before the underside skin was cleaned and removed. One can notice the harden dirt and grease that was expelled from the port side motor.

Shown below is the removal of the skin between ribs 4 & 5. The view taken is showing rib #5.

An interesting find under the skin is (I am assuming) part markings of the form. This form allows access to the bracket holding the gear to the rear strut.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Hydraulic Jack for the landing gear

The pictures below shows the rod and seals, and the hydraulic jack manufacturer label for the Anson landing gear. We are in the process of replacing these seals. It should be noted that the only original seal made of O-ring rubber material is the rod seal. The original top, bottom and inner seals are made of some form of nylon or hard rubber.  So far rubber O-ring type of material has been sourced for the upper seal, rod seal, and bottom seal. The inner seals which fits inside the threaded brass coupling and steal upper collar has not been sourced at this time.

Anyone that knows where the inner seals can be sourced please let us known. Thanks

Monday, 31 August 2015

Landing Lights

Landing lights are being restored from original pieces and a new light canopy is in the process of being formed.


The tip of the stabilizer was laminated by laying strips over copies of drawings.

Leading forms continue to be added to the leading edge of the stabilizer.